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The Importance Of Bird Feeders

With birds needing a constant and reliable food source all year round, bird feeders are a very useful piece of equipment to have in your back garden to help keep them well fed.


There are many advantages to having a bird feeder, with the main one being how it helps adult birds spend less time foraging and expending energy to feed their nestlings.  If birds have a set feeding area in your back garden, they can feed their young easier which also saves them energy that can be utilised elsewhere.  


With bird populations booming in summer months, the need for a regular food source becomes more apparent and bird feeders are the best way to keep up the regular supply of food for birds.  A higher bird population means the demand for food is also increased, so having a stocked bird feeder in your garden will serve a bigger purpose.


Some species of bird eat up to 12% of their body weight daily, with smaller species such as the chickadee even consuming 35% of their body weight.  These figures can fluctuate depending on the temperature or time of year.  For an average human that could equate to eating roughly six extra-large pizzas or 600 granola bars a day.


Due to their demanding appetites, birds need a constant supply of food that they can easily locate and consume, which is what makes bird feeders an essential to keep the birds in your area well fed and with a constant food source.


Finally, bird feeders are not only beneficial to birds but can also have mental benefits for the owners of them.  With the feeders attracting many different species of bird to your land, it gives you the chance to relax and enjoy nature. 


It is known that taking a break from the busy nature of your life and taking some time to appreciate the environment and nature can help reduce stress levels, which is why attracting birds to your garden with a bird feeder is important for you as well as the birds.


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