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Regency Sunflower Hearts Spotlight

In the winter months it is particularly important for wild birds to conserve their energy and keep themselves well fed and nourished, as many of them will have to fly long distances to migrate.


Our Regency Sunflower Hearts are ideal for birds in the colder months, as they are more streamlined.  The hearts have the husks removed which means the birds don’t have to expend unnecessary energy breaking shells to get to the seeds.


As previously mentioned, energy conservation is particularly important in colder months which is why Regency Sunflower Hearts are ideal for this time of year.


Smaller birds can sometimes struggle to eat sunflower seeds that still have their shells on, which is where the sunflower hearts again prove their worth.  Due to them being smaller and having no shell, the smaller birds can also eat them meaning you are feeding a wider variety of birds.


The sunflower hearts are also much cleaner than seeds due to there being less materials discarded in the consumption process.  Any husks that are left over are easily blown away by the wind, meaning your garden will be left cleaner if you are feeding birds with Regency Sunflower Hearts.


Although Regency Sunflower Hearts will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden, goldfinches and tits in particular enjoy them, so if you want an increased bird population in your garden the Regency Sunflower Hearts are a good way to see that.


Packed with protein and rich in oil, the sunflower hearts are a brilliant source of energy and nutrition for any birds that eat them, helping them fly longer distances and conserve more energy whilst doing so.


Due to the higher protein inclusion and calorie to weight ratio, birds do not need to eat as many times throughout the day to reach their daily nutritional minimum when eating sunflower hearts. 


This in turn further helps them conserve time and energy, allowing them to fly longer distances in shorter time periods.


Our Sunflower Hearts are available to purchase at the link below, be sure to check them out to see an extensive list of the birds that will eat them as well as their main benefits.