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No Mess Wild Bird Food

It is important at this time of year to ensure that all birds have easy access to fresh, clean water and plenty of food to assist with their autumn molt.  Migratory birds in particular need extra nourishment as they need to gain weight for their migration.


The Regency No Mess Wild Bird Food is a high quality mix which contains no wheat.  The mix consists of sunflower hearts, black sunflower seeds, maize and red dari.


Sunflower hearts are seeds with the shells removed which makes them an important ingredient with many benefits. 


One of the key benefits is that the birds don’t have to break a shell to eat them, meaning they expend less energy which is especially important in autumn and winter months when it is particularly cold and the birds need to conserve as much energy as possible.


Red dari is another important part of the mix, as it is a valuable source of protein and carbohydrates which will help keep the birds well nourished.  In addition, red dari helps birds maintain a balanced diet due to the high levels of energy and fat it provides.


Whilst there are some seasonal needs for more food or water, garden birds need feeding all year round which is why putting a mix like the No Mess Wild Bird Food in gardens is important to keeping all birds happy and healthy.


The mix will attract a variety of birds, ranging from House Sparrows to Chaffinches, and will ensure they are well fed to help them thrive and prepare for the upcoming cold winter months.


To purchase some No Mess Wild Bird Food, click this link:


Alternatively, Regency Feeds will be hosting a giveaway for five 1kg pouches of No Mess Wild Bird Food, to learn more about the giveaway follow the nlinks below to the company’s social media accounts.