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Common Garden Birds Found In The UK

According to many experts and their research published online the most common garden birds found in the UK are the ones listed below, many of which we provide food for.


·         Collared Dove.


These brown coloured birds have been known to inhabit the UK since 1955 after migrating over from the Balkans.


The collared dove tends to eat seeds strewn on the ground, but are also partial to eating from bird feeders if the tops are open.


Consider feeding them Regency Sunflower Hearts or Regency No Mess Wild Bird Food to give them the essential energy and nutrients they need to fly long distances.


·         Great Tit.


The great tit is very distinguishable thanks to its contrasting white cheeks and black crown, with plenty of yellow colouration on its torso. 


These birds can be found throughout Europe and even as far afield as Asia in some cases, with plenty of sightings being recorded in Indonesia.


Their primary food source is peanuts or black sunflower seeds, however they are partial to taking mealworms when feeding their young.  You can purchase all these items here on the Regency Feeds website, so be sure to stock up to help feed these fantastic birds.


·         Goldfinch.


Most commonly seen around woodlands or gardens, goldfinches are easily spotted thanks to their red face contrasting with the rest of their black and white head.


You are more likely to see goldfinches visiting your bird tables and bird feeders in bad weather, where they will be looking to feast on Nijer Seed or Sunflower Hearts which you can purchase from our website.


·         Woodpigeon.


Woodpigeons are potentially one of the most commonly recognized birds on this list, mainly known for being a pest to farmers.  These birds will eat most things, but tend to prefer mixes such as the Regency Standard Wild Bird Food.

·         Blackbird.


These birds consume a varied diet, eating predominantly insects during the summer then transitioning to fruit and berries in the colder months.


Regency Mealworms are the best food to consider for blackbirds especially for summer feeding.


·         Blue Tit.


With one of the most varied diets of any bird on this list, Blue Tits are potentially one of the easiest birds to feed.  They are known to prefer peanut kernels, but also eat fat balls, mealworms and sunflower seeds, all of which you can get from our website.


The UK is currently enjoying a thriving Blue Tit population thanks to the increased amount of winter feeding we have adopted, so it is important to keep it up so that birds like the blue tit can continue to thrive.


We provide a variety of bird seed to accommodate for all these types of bird, so be sure to check out our extensive product range and see what you can purchase to feed them today!