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Bird seed straights v Bird seed mixes

Some birds can be very picky eaters, which can make it difficult for you if you are an avid bird feeder and want to attract a variety of bird species to your garden.

Both seed mixes and seed straights can be put out to attract birds to a specific area, but each of them have their own unique properties and attractions.

If you are looking to attract a certain species to your garden, seed straights would be a more suitable approach as you can pick out which seed your preferred species will eat predominantly.  For example, our Regency Black Sunflower Seeds have a thinner shell which makes them more suitable to eat for smaller birds such as chaffinches or blue tits.

Seed mixes are better for attracting a wider species of bird as they contain multiple seed types so they will appeal to more birds

It is still possible to target a specific group of birds when displaying a seed mix, for example we provide a Robin and Songbird mix, which of course contains specific ingredients that will appeal to robins and other songbirds.

If you are looking to just attract birds to your garden in general and you aren’t particular about the breeds you attract, displaying both mixes and straights is the best way to appeal to that wider variety of birds

If you are looking to attract a specific breed of bird, be sure to research what sort of seeds those birds prefer to eat and try to display them exclusively both in feeders and on tables/the ground.

Be sure to browse our extensive range of seed straights and mixes, which are mixed or designed to target a wide variety of birds, ensuring we have a product that caters for all your needs.