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Bird populations and importance of food supply

Some bird populations have seen a rise in the last 40 years, which is down to the increased investment in bird feeding products from the general UK population.

On average, we are now spending £200m-£300m a year on bird feeding products, an outstanding figure that could contribute to over 190 million birds being fed sufficiently.

These statistics further prove the importance of providing a regular supply of food and somewhere for the birds to rest and eat it from, as it can contribute to bird populations thriving across the country

At Regency Feeds we believe this movement is very important, which is why we stock a wide range of bird food aimed at a variety of species, and we also provide bird feeders that also cater to a wide range of birds.

As well as more people investing in bird feeders, there is an increasing trend of more nest boxes being placed in gardens or public areas where there may be a lack of natural habitats for birds to nest and raise their young after breeding season.

These items go hand in hand and are big contributing factors to ensuring the preservation of many species of both wild and garden birds across the UK. 

Giving birds a regular food supply and somewhere to rest allows them to fly longer distances and conserve energy, as they will not have to spend unnecessary time flying around looking for food or somewhere to rest

Birds offer a massive incentive to humans due to their help in boosting biodiversity through their consumption of pests, and their ability to inadvertently spread pollen and carry out germination across the country.

With more of the population getting involved in this movement, it means the birds have more options available to them when they are on their travels, which is another big contributing factor to the populations of some species growing.

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