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Bird Moulting Season

Autumn and winter months are important times of the year for many wild birds, as that is their moulting season.

Moulting is a process where adult birds shed their old feathers and grow a fresh new coat to get them through the winter.  The years young will shed their baby feathers and grow their adult coat in order to help them survive their first winter.

The main reason that birds need to moult is that throughout the year their feathers will be exposed to many factors causing them to wear out. Exposure to large amounts of direct sunlight alongside a lot of flying, rubbing against other feathers and trees, or general parasites are all factors that contribute to a birds feathers getting weaker. A full moult can be a long process for many birds, with migratory species seeing the quickest turnaround which can take up to around five weeks.

Moulting can be a difficult process for many birds as it requires a lot of energy to shed and grow more feathers, and they may be cold during the process when feathers are shed but new ones have not grown in their place yet.

Flight is also affected for many birds when their flight feathers are shedding.  They may find it harder to fly long distances and in the case of ducks, swans and geese, they are completely unable to fly for a period as they shed all their flight feathers at once rather than a staggered process.

During the moulting process many birds are more discreet and low key which is why in the autumn and winter months they are not as noticeable and loud in the mornings. Moulting will usually not take place at the same time as other energy sapping processes such as migration or breeding, so birds are able to conserve some energy.

During this period it is important the birds have easy access to plenty of fresh food and water to help keep them energized and satisfied.

Regency Feeds supplies a wide variety of bird food for many different types of birds, to see how you can help birds through their moulting process, click the below link or check out Regency Feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.