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Regency Feeds donates to 30 animal charities amid the COVID-19 Crisis

In the last few days, we have taken to social media to offer animal charities free dog food and treats for their rescue dogs; to help see them through the difficult period that Covid-19 is creating.


We were initially offering 20 bags of 15kg Regency Adult Complete Biscuits and 20 bags of Regency Dog Treats to animal charities that our followers felt were most in need.


We have been overwhelmed when the social media post really took off with over 1900 comments and we decided to increase our donation to help a total of 30 animal charities.


“Social Media Executive, Danial Ahmed, comments, “I was expecting a good response as it’s a difficult time for people and animal charities, but I was astounded by the response.  Our Facebook page just went mad, with notifications every few seconds.  We wish we could help all the charities but for now I’m delighted that we’ve been able to help 30.  They have been so grateful it has really been humbling.”


Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we are still working to keep supplying you with food for your pets. We offer nationwide delivery of the products and are taking all necessary precautions to protect our customers, their pets and our staff.