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Nijer Seeds

In the winter months bird feed with a higher oil content becomes more important, as it provides the birds with more energy and lasts longer in their systems. Nijer seed is the perfect winter bird food for this reason, as its rich oil and protein content gives birds more calories per meal allowing them to store more fat to keep them warm in harsh winters.  The high protein content aids with feather growth following moulting periods, giving the birds a shorter feather regeneration period. Despite their composition making them ideal for winter feeding, nijer seeds can also be a suitable food source all year round.  However, it is important to note that the seeds are oily and therefore will dry out at which point birds will not want to eat them. As a result of this, you must ensure that you purchase the seeds in a quantity that you know you will be able to have cleared out within a maximum of two months.


Another key advantage of nijer seeds are that they are typically ignored by squirrels, meaning your seeder and feeds will be safe from being tampered with, and squirrels will not bother birds visiting your garden whilst they are trying to feed. Nijer seeds are eaten by a wide variety of birds ranging from siskins to turtle doves.  However, they are more suitable for smaller birds such as finches and sparrows due to their smaller beaks making it easier for them to break the shells and get to the seeds.

Our Regency Nijer Seeds are premium quality and are superb for feeding a wide variety of birds all year round, especially in the colder winter months that we are currently experiencing.

To check out our seeds and see a more extensive list of the birds that will eat them, click the link below: