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Dogs, Cats and Fireworks

We are well into firework season now which may be enjoyable for a lot of people, but unfortunately our household pets aren’t as fond of fireworks as us.


If you have cats or dogs, there are many simple things you can do at home to help make Bonfire Night and the surrounding weeks more tolerable for them, and we will discuss those methods in this blog post to help you keep your pets calm and happy!


The first and most simple method for looking after your dogs is to walk them during daylight hours so they can avoid being outdoors when the majority of fireworks are being set off.


There are many things you can do at home to help lessen the stress of firework season for your dogs or cats, with one of the most obvious being to muffle the sound from outside.  Closing windows, drawing curtains and having TV’s or music playing in the house usually does the trick!


Creating little dens throughout the house is also a very effective calming method, as your dog can retreat to them at particularly stressful periods to hide and protect themselves from the scary sounds.


Similarly to the last point, you could create an area in one of your rooms that is a control area for your dog where they can feel like they aren’t in danger and they can relax.  Throwing in some of their favourite toys and the occasional treat will help with this!


Having plenty of treats your cat or dog enjoy in the house will also help, as the food can distract them at the most distressing times.  We stock a wide range of cat & dog food and treats so be sure to check them out and stock up before Bonfire Night!


Similarly to dogs, cats would also enjoy having hiding places throughout the home that they can take refuge in when the noises are getting slightly too loud for them, so that is definitely something to consider.


It may be worthwhile considering microchipping your cat in case they run away due to being stressed so you can easily track them down and ensure you don’t permanently lose them.


This firework season be sure to look after your pets in the best manner possible by following these tips, let us know if you have any others so we can share them with fellow pet owners!