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Regency Mealworms

From £107.40
Product Code: 230RF7102

Dried Mealworm is a delicious food that is ideal for feeding all year round and great for all insect eating birds.

Especially beneficial to fledgling birds, these protein rich meal-worms are best fed with or near water and will attract a wide range of species

12.55kg bag.
Always maintain a supply of food as garden birds come to depend on it.

Fresh, clean water should always be available.

Feed Garden Birds All Year Round

Winter: Wild bird food provides essential nourishment through the harsh winter months when food is scarce.

Spring: Wild bird food assists the birds when caring for their young.


Summer: Wild bird food adds extra sustenance when the ground is dry and natural food is not readily available.


Autumn: Wild bird food provides additional nourishment for winter preparation.

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Size: 12.55kg
Pack Size: 1
Price: £107.40